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Get out your trilby hats and flapper dresses — Boardwalk Empire, the HBO Prohibition-era mob drama, is filming right here on East 12th Street and 2nd Avenue at John’s Italian Restaurant.  Set in Atlantic City, the series often departs to New York to check in with Jewish mob boss Arnold Rothstein and his then-”employee” Sicilian-American gangster Lucky Luciano, who would become the father of the modern Genovese crime family.  It looks like this episode is depicting one such departure, as the street is lined with astute men in three piece suits puffing away on their cigars.

Today’s filming of Boardwalk Empire on East 12th Street in front of John’s! The man on the left with his back to the camera is actor Michael Stuhlbarg who plays Arnold Rothstein.

Submitted by the GVSHP

It would be so meta if Lucky et al were to head down to the corner of 1st Ave and St. Mark’s Place to pose in front of Jim Power’s work-in-progress ‘Museum of the American Gangster’ Pole, featuring Lucky Luciano’s mosaic’d mug.

  5PM, Jul 6 2011
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