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RE: Yo, Neighborhood! What’s your favorite pizza place in the East Village?

Last week, we asked for your input on your favorite pizza places in the neighborhood.

The results are in.

Thanks to all those who responded.

Enjoy your search for the perfect slice.

 snakeyb answered: little frankies

 fourth-of-five answered: Lil Frankie’s on First Ave near 1st. Gruppo on Avenue B near 12th. Gemma at Bowery Hotel, Bowery and 3rd St.

 glutenfreeandthecity answered: For vegan/gluten-free, its Viva Herbal at 179 2nd ave.

 morganwinn answered: Luzzo’s and/or Motorino

 pray4mojo answered: Sal’s Pizzeria. Always ended up waking up after a night of drinking with a pie in the kitchen.

 empirestatebuildingpictures answered: Nino’s - 8th & A. Haven’t tried Artichoke, but don’t like Artichokes or Crab, which seem to be what get the stars.

 teresawu answered: Artichoke Basilles OMG

 sternocleidomastoid answered: Artichoooooooke

 mikelikestosleep answered: Artichoke, Iggy’s

 chfdigital answered: They won’t win your snap poll, but Gruppo Pizza on Avenue B is an absolutel underrated gem.

 deadlanguageblog answered: motorino.

 jdel answered: Favorite has to be either Two Boots or Ray’s on St Marks & 3rd.

My vote in the best pie category goes to Luzzo’s Diavola (Spicy Salami) Pizza.

Sadly, still not sold on any one slice in particular.


  11PM, Jun 9 2010
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