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Time for one of the grandest traditions in the neighborhood!!!

Time for joy! Time for laughs!


Our dear Ray, the plucky young thing, just turned 80 YEARS OLD on January 1st!


In years past, again, in what has become one of the most fun traditions around, some friends of Ray’s have thrown him birthday celebrations with, ahem, entertainment, cake, and all-around mirth.

As this year was something of a milestone, we figured we ought to take it up a notch.

Or several notches…

As in plural…

As in, if one dancer is good, FOUR WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the East Village, feast your eyes on the lovely Miss Bunny Buxom, the lovely Jo “Boobs” Weldon (of New York School of Burlesque fame), the lovely Miss Little Motown, and in her triumphant return to the stage at Ray’s Candy Store, the lovely Gal Friday!

On Tuesday night, these four truly put on one helluva show for the guest of honor at an intimate gathering at Ray’s Candy Store on Avenue A.

Ray was on Cloud 9. And his jaw dropped lower, and his smile grew wider as each new girl emerged from the back of the store.

“This is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me!!!” he shouted at the end.

Afterward, Bunny said “I think I’m in love!” and Little Motown beamed “This is exactly why I moved to New York!!!”

Jo exclaimed that it was more fun than she could have ever imagined, and Gal, who performed for Ray’s birthday two years ago, said dancing at Ray’s the first time was one of her all-time favorite moments and that she was so happy she could return for an encore this year.

Absolute pros, these gals.

And thanks goes out to all of Ray’s pals who helped plan this now annual event.

Big thanks to:

Shawn Chittle for providing the tunes.

Lindsay for picking up the cake from Veniero’s (DELICIOUS!)

Francisco Valera, Ray’s upstairs neighbor, for offering up his apartment to the lovely ladies as a dressing room (Really, SUCH a sacrifice to invite four drop dead gorgeous women into your home to undress down to their knickers. Your selflessness is inspiring, Francisco!)

Golda Colonge, a Columbia grad student who is in the process of making a documentary on Ray, and crew for recording the event for posterity. Can’t WAIT to see that footage!!!

Ilya Shinkar, longtime friend of Ray’s, for his help ringing this whole thing together as he’s done the last few years.

Eden Brower, aka Slum Goddess, for helping to spread the word.

And everyone else who came out to celebrate with our man Ray!

Lastly, Happy 80th Birthday to Ray, an absolute living legend. Ray, you are a treasure, and we love you.

We’ll update the story with more photos as they’re revealed.

If you stop by the store this week, be sure to wish Ray a belated Happy Birthday!

You can always follow Ray on Twitter @RaysCandyStore and Facebook and give him some love there.

And don’t forget: you can pick up some sweet Ray gear in The Official Ray’s Candy Store Collection on Cafepress.



  3AM, Jan 30 2013
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